5 Tips To Help You Focus On Achieving Your Goals

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Focus or concentration is the key to our success. It makes all our energy of mental activity towards a certain thing, hence selectively accepts some useful information, and then limit other unnecessary activities and invalid information. The concentrates of our subconscious play an important role to achieve whatever we want, complete a task with the best result.

Scientists’ success depends on the power of focus. Tony Robbin continuously emphasis on Focus, which is an essential trait for those successes.

1. Develop a regular sleeping habit

Many people have heavy work pressures, irregular schedules, and their minds are always drowsy. They are in no spirit mode from morning to evening. This kind of life must be unable to concentrate, resulting in reduced work efficiency and poor physical condition.

Therefore, schedule a sleeping and wake up time every day is crucial on uplift your spirit.

2. The ability to release tension in a short period of time

Every person has their roles and tension will follow you. A workers from the factory may have financial pressure to meet month-end paycheck. A household also having pressure from her husband and children.

When the pressure is too great, people’s attention will be distracted.

As a result, the human subconscious will automatically help you avoid the immediate responsibility and put you into a state of self-anesthesia. The end result is that everything cannot be done well.

3. Learn how to relax in your way

Learn how to squeeze your time to relax is important. In relax mode meant separating the mind from the workload temporarily.

Specialist study show that have a nap in between working time is the best option. However, we cannot do that during working hours.

A tactic to make us relax within a few minutes finds a cozy and uninterrupted place. Close your eye and feel yourself relax from foot, and going upward to stomach, and hand finally your head.

You should also utilize any lunch time or break time to practice your way of relaxation to make your mind sharper.

4. Get some game or training on how to be a better focus

We can easily play some mind games like Sodoku, crossword, jigsaw puzzle and chess to force our brain to focus as the games challenge our concentration and memory.

Even video game can train your brain in focus when you need to be multitasking and reacting faster in the playing mode.

In addition, systematic training courses or disciplined training methods will definitely help you improve your concentration.

One of the best focus methods is to let your brain works for 45 minutes then follow by 15 minutes break.

In order to achieve this ideal pattern, it can be train yourself for 5 minutes work and 2 minutes break in the startup.

Next step is to add up another 5 minutes of working time and 2 minutes break every day, consequently achieve a final 45 minutes work and 15 minutes break. Improve gradually and in discipline to reduce the barrier of execution.

Another method is a very simple practice, that makes a To-Do list. To-Do list can help you concentrate on the important thing that you need to settle in priority.

If the To-Do list is details enough. This is also a method to avoid any distractions along the way you complete the task.

5. Set goals and strategies to achieve it

You have to set goals and remind yourself from now on that you will be more focused than in the past. No matter what you do and once you started it, you must be undisturbed and devote all the energy to achieve your task.

Focus on the goals and not distracted by other stuff.

For example, if your goal is to complete the writing on this article before 6 pm. You should find a quiet place and reject any invitation to tea time gathering, so that you can focus on your writing.

And, you got all the energy to complete this goal within the scheduled timing.

If you don’t have goals on your mind, you will end up do a few things together at the same time and, you can’t get all the tasks completed within the time frame.

Only put all your attention on the unconscious and energy to complete a job then you will get the best result.

Have a nice day!