How To Developing A Positive Mindset?

Having negative thought put you at disadvantages while the little voices in your head sabotage anything that you would like to achieve. It can cause more stress to yourself, put more strain on a relationship, or jeopardize your productivity. Developing a way to diminishing the effect of negative thought is just simple.

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Here we introduced 4 practices to develop a positive mindset:

#1 Write a thought journal to track your mind

If you have a negative conversation in your heart that is keeping you depressed, you should take steps to drive these ideas out. If you find it difficult to find those negative thoughts in your heart, the first thing is to write a thought journal. Write in a few random thoughts about yourself, events, people around you, and other things that happened during the day.

Secondly, it is to explore these ideas by reading the journal every night to build your thinking pattern.

Did certain events trigger your negative thoughts? Make a note of all this, and the next time you encounter a similar triggering event, think carefully about how to handle it.

#2 Expel negative self-talk

After following your thoughts for a week or two, you will quickly discover how much your negative thoughts consume your energy. The next step is to expel these ideas out together. The next time you go to write a negative thought, try rewriting it as a neutral statement.

For example, “My brother drove my car out just now and forgot to fill gas and will ruin my next morning” can become “My brother drove my car out just now and forgot to fill gas, and I going to wake up a bit earlier tomorrow morning.” This is how to train yourself.

Don’t just do this exercise in your journal, start rewriting your negative thoughts as neutral thoughts in your mind.

#3 Always see the positive side

Jumping from negative thoughts to positive thoughts is very challenging for many people, which is why the neutral thinking stage is so important. By eliminate negative conversation, you can now really see the positive side in different situations.

Review your thought journal and especially check the negative thoughts you have had. Put aside all the things you obviously don’t like, try to think of at least one positive thought.

For example, if your company bought over by another company and your department combine with one of the new department and you lost your designation as department head. In that case, you are actually developing your contingency awareness and consider this as a new start in this company. This is a positive result of a bad environment.

It’s a challenge to find a bright side in an unfavorable environment, but you can always see good things.

#4 Keep a gratitude journal to record good happening

A gratitude journal is an amazing way to allow you to take inventory of all the beautiful things around you. Every night, write everything in your day and everything in life you are grateful for.

Maybe you feel thankful for your friends for their support, thanks for staying in a comfortable house, or thanks for the good weather that day. Write it down.

If someone compliments you on a particular day, makes you feel grateful, or tells you something very intimate, you can also write it in your gratitude journal. Therefore, when you find yourself negative or critical, open your journal and read all the positive things in your life that you are grateful for.

This is an affirmative method that allows you to re-position, gain a new perspective, and make yourself realize just how insignificant that particular trigger point on the bigger events. In conclusion, the state of mind is very important, so you must constantly change your mind to the positive side.

Practicing these four simple ideas can help you change the way you see the world around you. Just a little different perspective will help you transform yourself into a better you.