Recognize Your Fear And Overcome It

Executing your plans and dreams is the most important part of your manifestation journey. When we try to do new tasks, we experience fear and we feel insecure about uncertainty. The fear of change is often an illusory state of mind. Many people have not challenged their fears, which creates distress and makes it difficult to spend a day.

Fear will kill your dreams more than anything else. This is a common reason. The reason why people cannot take action or achieve something is simply because we have learned it subconsciously.

Here are some examples of fear as an obstacle to achieving goals.

“I am waiting for someone to help”

“I don’t have time to start”

“Someone has done better than me”

“I don’t know where to start”

“I don’t think I have made any progress”

Remember, fear is not real. It is all made up in your mind, and if you focus on it, fear will succeed.

Imagine if you were not afraid to realize your dreams, what would it be like? The fact is, you can always let go of your fears and embrace the courage to realize your dreams.

Remember how you learned to read, walk and talk? How did you overcome the fear of doing this? How do you have the courage to learn new things? Just like this, bad habits including fear can be unlearned and replaced with courage.

It is impossible to ignore the ups and downs in life, and coping with fear is within your control. The lesson to be learned here is to overcome fear. This fear includes the fear that has been ingrained since childhood. When your parents say not to do this, you cannot do it.

Challenges in life will strengthen your inner courage. The conditioned reflex that you experienced since childhood, there are two fears rooted in your heart.

1. Fear of failure

2. Fear of rejection

Realize this, recognize, accept, and build your courage. This is your core action. Ask these questions to resolve your deepest fears.

What can I do to eliminate fear?

How will I free myself from fear?

What is fueling this fear?

Fear is associated with unhappiness and stress. To eliminate fear, you need unshakable confidence and the courage to open the door to possibility. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, this sentence is very relevant.

Overcoming Your Fears

Photo by George Becker from Pexels

Clement Stone wisdom, “Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will”. This is a fact. Fear is an abstract concept. It has gained our attention, created doubts on the road to our success and created doubts. You must know how to remove fear from your mind.

Usually, you are afraid of results, not actions or plans. You already know the unpleasant consequences when things go wrong.

Starting today, whenever you feel fear, you can turn the consequences into pleasant magic.

Use visualization as a tool to foresee the successful outcome of fear. It is more important to focus more on the journey than the result.

What if you suddenly try something you never wanted to do before?

You don’t like speaking in front of the public, and you have a phobia. After you experience a moment of panic and shock on the stage. You start to see that it’s okay, and it’s more exciting. and so…

Just do it!

The way to advocate action here is to take the initiative, don’t think too much!

Once you successfully do one thing, let go of your fears and imagine success, your efforts will be rewarded.

This will definitely increase your confidence. You have the skills to plan, as well as the ability to act and respond to challenges, and improve what you lack.

These are more valuable than anything else. Meet new friends, seek social and spiritual support, and enjoy the whole process.

Do not wait, after completing one step, propose the next step and take action. Recharge physically, be healthy mentally, take a short rest, and let go of the psychological distress about perfection, comparison, fear and what if.

Take the time to act, write down your own experiences and strong negative emotions with a pen, and erase most of your self-hatred.

Dispose of this burden, you will feel great. here, it helps to show the results, promote the process of achieving results.

Fear is loaded with procrastination, laziness and irrational thoughts. Use your own time and rhythm to reflect your progress, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

The key is in your hands, and now you are opening a door to have your own dreams and the greatest desire in life.