Positive Affirmations In The Morning

The Importance Of Positive Affirmations

Everybody knows that a good start-up in the morning is the most important moment for the whole day. A day starts with the morning. Some said whether the good or bad of a day is heavily dependent on the morning. So, what to do in the morning to make it a turning point for the rest of the day? Exercises, yoga, meditation, self-talk, reading… In my opinion, it can be anything that you feel comfortable, ease or productive. Over the last couple of years, the popularity of the law of attraction practices also introduced a sub practice called positive affirmation.

Why In The Morning?

The positive affirmation is not only practice in the morning, it can be any time of the day. However, positive affirmation in the morning will bring in the highest working effectiveness especially while our mind in the middle of conscious and unconscious when the time we wake up.

Positive affirmation should be before any activities when the moment we wake up. Affirmations are simple and short statements going to repeat 5 – 6 times after wake up, no matter you speak it out loud or read in our mind. There are many kinds of practices under different gurus however you can try it out which method is good for use. To repeat the affirmations loud out or in the mind, to allow your brain believes that the statements are true and realized.

The simple and short statements on a daily basis will help you to re-affirm your life goals and results that you want to achieve. Insert positive affirmations to your subconscious mind to guide your way of doing for the rest of the day. It helps to shift your focus and concentration to what you want in your mind.

Morning is a great time to using affirmations when our mind still in the state of unconscious. This is the best time to instill positive affirmations to make a huge impact on our life.

To the best effectiveness, make affirmations as a daily habit. To repeating these affirmations, you are telling the universe what is the person you are, which claimed already achieved or enjoyed your wishes. Finally, the universe will set the same tone with you and you get what you are desired. Put it simply, you will get what you feel.

How To Do?

My positive affirmations can be very simple and short, here is the example:

Today is my day.
Today is an amazing day.
Every day I live my dreams.
Everything is conspiring for my benefit.
I am feeling healthy and strong today.
I am healthy, wealthy and wise.
I trust my intuition and always make wise decisions.
I have all that I need to solve any challenges that come up today.
I am grateful for everything I have in my life.

Those positive affirmations for the good morning, can be writing be yourself or can be the success quote that source from the internet.

Your affirmations can also be focus on any aspect of your life. If you want a healthy life, you can set affirmation based on health matters. If you would like to focus on wealth, then make affirmations on money matters.

Here is the example of the affirmation for wealth creation:

I am a magnet for prosperity and abundance.
Prosperity overflows in my life.
Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.
I have more money than I know.

The most important clue is that must feel good about affirmations. Feel the joy, feel the wonder of life.

Have a great day ahead!