Grow Your Confidence In Law Of Attraction!

Photo by Zach Service from StockSnap

Do you struggle with a lack of confidence when it comes to practice the Law of Attraction? This is a common problem for many people, especially when first learning how to use their power purposefully creates their reality to aligning with desires. However, simply because your confidence level is a direct reflection of your internal beliefs, a strong confidence level is vital. Since the Law of Attraction is guided by your beliefs, a low confidence level means uncertainty!

In order to increase your power in practice and deliver better results, you need to be confident in three key areas:


Do you believe you are a powerful creator? Or do you still see yourself as a victim, dominated by internal and external factors beyond your control? Do you often feel overwhelmed or scared by your situation? If so, you won’t really believe you have the power to change them! Self-confidence at such a low level won’t attract what you want as your mindset not in favor condition.

To address this, begin each day by identifying yourself as intended to create your reality. Remind yourself that your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are what attract you to your current situation. You always have the power to choose the reality you want!

Confidence with the universe

Do you often feel like the universe plays tricks on you every time? Do you believe you’ve had “bad luck”? Do you feel that you are now being punished for your past karmic debt? As we grow up, many of us feel that anger and judgment are brought to us by the universe or “God”. The problem with this perception is that it makes us feel that we should live in fear and pain as we don’t want to be punished for being at odds with the universe.

To overcome this limitation, begin to change your view of the universe. Imagine that the universe is kind, full of love and support to you and your dreams. Affirm that you have many angels, enlightened beings, or just a loving God cheering you on and wishing you happiness. The more effort you try to think of your love and kindness for the universe, the more confidence you have, and you can become, create, or own whatever you want.

Confidence on the process

It’s also important to be convinced that the Law of Attraction does work. At the beginning of your conscious creative journey, you may not believe this. You may want to believe it, but you don’t have enough faith yet. Once you begin to see the proof with your own eyes, your trust level will be increased.

At the same time, a great way to start building more confidence and trust in the process is to embrace positive beliefs to yourself. Simply choose to believe in the Law of Attraction. When in doubt, just make sure you set them aside for now and continue to choose to still believe. This may take practice, but the more you do it, the easier it will be to actually believe!

Confidence is an important factor to determine the success of the Law of attraction. Confidence is actually believing. It’s about knowing deeply in yourself that you are a powerful creator, capable of transforming your life into anything you want it to be. The more you believe, the more evidence you’ll see in every aspect of your life!