Do I Need Perfection To Success In Life?

Life is imperfect and it will always be. Why? Because the world in which we live is full of disasters, calamities, greed, and selfishness. Further, our knowledge is incomplete, apprehension is weak, and different aspects of things are not clear. All these things prevent us from perfection. Let’s take the example of imperfection…

Take a page and write a brief article on it about anything. Edit that as many times as you want until you think that’s perfect. Now, fold the page and place that into a safe place like a drawer or wardrobe, and don’t touch that for 1 or more years. A few years later, take the page and read the article. Definitely, you will find room for improvement in that article. Why?

It’s because the article you were considering the perfect a few years back was actually imperfect. As your knowledge increases, your ability to find flaws from perfection is increased. In this way, perfection becomes imperfection in your sight and you try to make it again perfect with your enhanced knowledge.

This article examples the importance of imperfection and pitfalls of perfection. Why go with imperfection rather than perfection? Let’s get started…

What is Perfection?

Perfection is a state or action without any fault in any particular. For being a perfectionist, you must be knowledgeable, an incredible observer, and focused on results. You can achieve world-class performance with perfectionism. It can even earn you fame, esteem, and money.

On the other hand, perfectionists have fear of failure so they pay full attention to detail on all things. They pay extra attention to all matters and build up unnecessary pressure on themselves. It becomes very difficult for them to make a quick decision which can lead to unproductivity.

What is Imperfection?

Imperfection is a state or action that is something less than perfect or 100% right. According to Marilyn Monroe, “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” she says.

As per the definition of perfection, it is a flawless state or action in which everything is 100% right. Do you think is it possible to make things 100% flawless? Not at all. It means that perfection doesn’t exist at all. A thing might be perfect in one’s sight but others may find plenty of faults in that thing.

In simple words, perfection makes you a hard worker but imperfection makes you a smart worker. For success in this era, smart thinking and working are very crucial. Because it allows you to make decisions quickly and you can save time in this way. Because nothing is more important than time in this era.

Reasons to Embrace Imperfection

Don’t chase perfection because it is the enemy of good. It hinders your creativity and stalls your progress. Further, it increases your stress and anxiety level and holds you back from living a happy life. Always go with imperfection because…

1. Perfection is Boring

Perfection is boring, dull, and unappealing. Flaws, counter-intuitive choices, and imperfection are the things that make your work effective, unique, and memorable. Unlike perfection, imperfection polishes your creativity and makes your activity stand out among all.

The things that stand out among all gain attention, not those that fit in. For getting attention, you will have to come up with a thing that differs from the norm. But perfection forces you to embrace the norm. In the end, you go down to the nitty-gritty of things and make them uninteresting.

2. Perfection is an Excuse

Perfect is a perfect excuse. How? You don’t put something into the world with the aim for perfection. You can’t sell your product until you make it as perfect as it can be. You don’t allow anyone to read your book because you consider not perfect.

If someone tries and fails, we consider it a failure. It’s right but what’d you say if someone tries and again tries to make something perfect but doesn’t launch it into the market. In this way, non-perfectionists will take over you and you will be giving only excuses.

3. Perfection is Restrictive

Perfection hinders your creativity, growth, and improvement. Why? If you convince yourself that you have done something perfectly, does a perfect thing have any room for improvement? Definitely not. So you won’t even think to further improve it.

You can enable iteration, adaptation, and learning with imperfection. You gradually improve yourself when you consider everything imperfect. So imperfection gives you an incredible opportunity to improve yourself all the time.

4. Perfection is Not Relatable

Nobody is perfect in this world. A person who raises his finger on you due to imperfection is himself imperfect. Therefore, revealing your imperfections rather than hiding them won’t drive people away from you. Imperfection humanizes us and our creations.

5. Perfection Even Doesn’t Exist At All

Why embrace imperfection because perfection doesn’t exist at all. Perfection is like a ghost you are looking for that you will never find. Have you ever found a perfect thing? If so, people will highlight tens of faults in that thing.

What can be the perfect version of this article? Some people might want its shorter version and others might want 5 times longer version. We can’t achieve its perfect version after hundreds of editions. Simply, we can make it better but not make it perfect.

Many people believe that perfectionism is the only way to success.  Though perfectionism has some advantages, you should try your best to achieve results as flawlessly as possible. But, chasing perfection often makes you unhappy. You build unnecessary pressure on yourself to achieve perfection. It can also lead you to social isolation. But in the end, you will again be left with imperfection. Therefore, it’s better to stay with imperfection and live a happy life.

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