Why Journaling Still the Most Important Goals Achievement Tool?

Journaling is a recording of one person’s thoughts and feelings. It can be in writing, audio recording, drawing, interview or any other medium. What you are going to write or record depends on your purpose. It can be a gratitude journal, dream journal, goals journal and any other type of journal that serves the area of your life that you want to have feedback from true you.

Why do millions of people practice journaling to help improve personal development? Let us explore some benefits of journaling:

1. Good for mental health

Journaling is a tool for self-discovery and self-reflection. By writing a journal every day, you will have a better awareness of what you are doing. By writing down the challenges, you will have a clear picture of where you are and what is blocking you from forward. So you see, the above activities bring you better clarity and understanding for yourself.

Human biggest challenge always is don’t know what we want. But, with the help of journaling, we get a clear insight to improve our confidence and self-esteem. Eventually, you can address the negative thinking and handle your inner critic to control your emotions when dealing with a setback, struggle, or frustration.

So journaling is an important tool to help if you are in the way of transformation. For example, you want to get rid of a habit such as procrastination. Recording down the reason you do that, the negative consequences of this trait, and what will replace this trait will set you clear intention and progress tracking.

2. Relieve stress and reduce anxiety

Writing down the problems you are facing is similar to speaking out your problem to your best friend or mentor. They both have the same function – to get a clearer picture and come out with a solution to it. By solving the problems, you feel more in control, eventually, reduce your stress level.

Most people are occupied by negative thoughts most of the time. With journaling, writing down your thoughts and feeling is a great tool to separate emotion from reality.

For example, you may write the best and the worst happening in the day. As mentioned before, negative thoughts consistently dominant our thoughts most of the time.  However, while journaling, we can keep the good events, positive thoughts and be grateful for all the beautiful things at the moment.

Turning to positive thoughts helps us take an active role to appreciate ourselves and relieve stress levels.

3. Boost physical health

By better understanding yourself and reducing stress level, studies show that those journaling improve physical health. So obviously, when we have a positive outlook, our health condition will also improve a lot.

Imagine you have overcome a negative thought. You no more think if an idea is workable; instead, you are taking action on it. I believe more positive thoughts will flow into your mind when you make a breakthrough on something. Subsequently, you are boosted with more energy, have better sleep quality, better mood and an increased sense of connectivity with the outer world.

The physical health benefits mostly come from letting go of stress and remove negative thoughts.

Journaling helps us improve every aspect of life. It is an excellent tool for self-reflection and self-recovery. Journaling is also a tool to set goals and track our progress. It also helps us in any area of our profession, launch a business, improve relationships, or weight loss programs. I hope you can utilize journals to enhance personal development and better yourself every day.


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