What Is My Purpose In Life?

“What is my purpose in life?”

“How can I get there?”

Have you asked yourself similar questions? You may ask yourself this question, think about it for a few minutes, can’t think of an answer, and then continue your daily work.

When it comes to our lives, everyone should have a goal. The purpose can be realistic, such as buying a house, or it can be more difficult to achieve, such as becoming a millionaire. The purpose is to let us put in the effort and move forward. Without purpose, life becomes meaningless.

Even if you think you have no purpose, you may have them. It does not have to be amazing. You can improve your hobbies, get a raise, or just invest a little more in your daily activities.

Although you may have purposes in your mind, they seem far-reaching and difficult to achieve. Ignore these feelings, they are just noises that distract you to achieve your purpose. Any purpose is possible. You can lose those weight. You can get that job! And even if you don’t fully achieve your goals, this journey will allow you to learn something.

A strong mind will make the purpose and put all the effort to accomplish it. Write down your purpose and think about the steps you can take to achieve it. Initially, you don’t have to have a specific plan but first think about the general path you can take. Any road will have potholes and detours, so keep this in mind when writing down your plan. And you have to measure and manage your goals while pursuing your purpose.

Next, walk towards this purpose. Ignore those noises. If someone says you can’t do it, or if you think you can’t, just keep doing. If you stumble, stand up again. Enjoy the journey, but don’t give up moving towards a place that delights you.

Plan some goals! You can write down some of your goals using a white board, app or any other method. Organize them according to size. I guess you have some short-term and long-term goals. Calculate how long it will take you to complete some of these goals, and develop a time frame and a good arrangement for completing these goals. You won’t make a foolproof plan in one night, but this exercise is a must for starting.

How do you determine your purpose and use them as motivation:

🎯What Is Your Passion?

First, you need to determine what you are passionate about. What makes you so excited that you can hardly control yourself when you think of it? Or what makes your blood boil when you hear others talk about it? Probably this is your great starting point.

Most likely, there is an organization, group, or Facebook group that is doing something very similar to what you are passionate about. Socialize with these people. They may have laid a lot of groundwork for developing what you are passionate about. Then you can jump right in and start helping them.

Image by Alexander Lesnitsky from Pixabay

🎯Outline Your Purpose

Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve in 5 to 10 years? Take a moment to think about it. It can be financial independence, having a happy family, retiring before the age of 45, or becoming a well-known designer.

Now, you may get a piece of paper, a tablet, or anything else you use to write, you must outline a plan to achieve your purpose. Do a little research. Talk to people who have completed your goal. Look at your situation and your limits. Then, make a plan!

🎯Maintain Clarity

When you are pursuing your purpose, keep your head clear and focus on the big picture. What we mean is that you should go all out mentally. Put aside all your worries and stress. Eat a nutritious meal. Get a complete sleep. Focus clearly on what lies ahead, but also be realistic. If you can’t accomplish your goals at the moment, you can try a smaller goal. And don’t be regret it. If your goals in mind are different from others, don’t be upset because they have different visions and purposes from yours.


Sometimes chanting your goals to yourself can motivate you. This is known as chanting mantra. Get into a meditative pose, focus on your goal, and then chant it. Chant it until you are more motivated than ever. Whispering will help you feel reassured during your journey, especially if something isn’t going your way. For example, whispering “I won’t give up!” or “I’ll do my best!”.

🎯Always Remind Yourself

Your brain needs constant reminders. But if you are a distracted person, there are other ways. Write it down. Find some post-it notes and put them all over your refrigerator, bathroom, office or bedroom. By seeing the reminder, let this idea get into your mind. Seeing the same thing over and over again, you can burn it in your mind. Create your own catchy rhetoric or phrase to keep you motivated. Don’t just say a general phrase. Even if you think your words are a lie, if you repeat them enough, it will become a reality.

Making purpose and working hard to accomplish them is one of the characteristics of successful people. Therefore, keep planning and strive for success.

Have a nice day!😀

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