8 Limiting Beliefs That Hold Us Back From Achieve Our Goals!

Our beliefs have a very powerful impact on our lives. They create opportunities and lead us on the life journey. Unfortunately, not all beliefs will shift you in a positive direction. There are many limiting beliefs that can suppress a person’s progress. If you allow these limiting beliefs to control your path, they will only give a limited indication of what the person can do and how far they can go. It will be difficult to get to where you want to go and see the success that can be achieved by breaking through these limiting beliefs.

Here you will discover 8 limiting beliefs. How these beliefs were formed and how to break them and build more positive beliefs that will help in your life journey:

(1) “I can’t”

You do not have to prove your doubts or those of others. Simply saying that you are incapable of doing something. This belief can prevent you from trying further or in particular. Instead, accept the limiting belief. You may need to redefine what you are unable to do. Before Thomas Edison, humans could not be imagining light at night time, but Thomas Edison redefined the existence of light and today millions of people are using it day and night.

(2) “it’s not up to me”

In the Psychology of Beliefs program, we talk about the theory of learned helplessness. In short, the theory says that when people believe that the situation is out of their control, they simply stop trying to change it. Even if they don’t, they feel helpless. It’s a terribly limiting belief that billions of people have.

(3) “they are better than me”

Some things we can’t control. We can’t change someone’s height, the awards they receive, or the promotions they get at work. But we can control how we perceive the successes and attributes of others. Do you find yourself often comparing yourself to others? We all do it, but it’s a seriously limiting belief. Everyone is different, some people are born with blonde hair and others are born with different types of intelligence. But just like you can’t mark someone as totally good or totally bad. You can’t mark yourself as good or bad either. It doesn’t work that way.

(4) “people will judge me”

This fear prevents many people from sharing themselves or trying to achieve their goals. They fear that people will judge them. They fear that people will say negative things or talk behind on their backs. Take some time to ask yourself why other people’s opinions matter to you. Is there a way to reframe that influence and use it as motivation to overcome the fear. And the best solution to my past experience of fear seems to be to take any kind of action.

(5) “somebody is a bad person”

People do good and bad things, but you can’t simply remove someone because good people may not be completely good either, Even bad decisions can have good intentions. The next time you find yourself marking someone as a bad person, take a step back before you make a decision. How can you put yourself in their shoes and look at the things that influenced their decision. And don’t forget that this limiting belief works both ways. Labeling someone as “perfect” is very dangerous. Everyone is human and everyone makes bad decisions. If you expect someone to be perfect, you may be setting unrealistic expectations for yourself or others.

(6) “I don’t deserve this”

Not all limiting beliefs are built from fear, but guilt can also create many limiting beliefs as well. You may feel guilty about moving forward because you feel like you aren’t working for what you want. Someone else is more deserving of what they want than you are. You may see others who are luckier or more limited than you. This belief is closely tied to the beliefs that are created by comparing yourself to others. Everyone goes through a different journey in life and they are capable of taking that journey on their own. How can you focus on your own journey and completing it alone?

(7) “I should be doing that instead”

Our culture provides us with a list of priorities, a roadmap of what we want for our future. Sometimes, following your dreams requires breaking the rules and going against what society tells you to strive for. However, you may feel guilty for taking a different path. This will limit you because it creates stress and guilt that may hinder your progress.

(8) “I don’t need this”

Limiting beliefs don’t always hold you back. Sometimes they will keep you exactly where you are. You may think that growth is unnecessary and you may not even think it will bring in extra money or titles. You are not a greedy person. That satisfaction may satisfy you for a short time, but soon after, you may find yourself with a different attitude. After all, like us humans, we are goal-seeking machines. We need a goal. We find joy in the pursuit of our goals. Consider what you currently want to have, even the seemingly impossible, can be achieved by eliminating this limiting belief.

How many Recognizing your limiting beliefs is the only way to move you to the next level! Have a good day!

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