What Makes You Change Your Mindset?

At the period of uncertainty, the environment is changing. Everybody is looking at changes to adapt to the new environment. How would you realize when it’s ideal timing to make a change? Or you might figure it out the current route is good to stay and not much to fix. At the time when you begin having more negative days than good ones, at that point it’s a great opportunity to change yourself. It all about changing personal mentality, mindset and attitude towards the new surroundings. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Our mindset is what determines how we thought about reality. That is the disposition that shapes our reasoning which controls our activities and how we feel about things. In the event that you have negative thinking, at this point your thought begins to blame something and the outcome always the worse situation. When you have positive thinking and a healthy attitude, you make pleasant surroundings for yourself and the people around you.

You constantly feel angry and disappointed over everything that not in your control or cannot achieve your benchmark. You only see yourself as a loser, at the end you are the one continuously sending negative messages to your mind unconsciously.  Instead, you should focus on the positive side, and celebrating every single achievement. So that your mind will recognize your achievement and continuously seeking a good moment for you. This can be recorded in your notebook, or write it in the Facebook post or get a small token for yourself.

If you still holding some negative moments or experiences in the past, this will form a victim mentality in your mindset. For example, you hurt by your best friend or you betray by your workmate some time ago. These experiences rooted in your mind are a threat to yourself to progress further. So forgive and let go of the past, leaving some room for a good moment.

Social media displaying various unnatural fantastic and alluring ways of life of other people every day. If you overly admire and envy their lifestyle posted on social media it will make you feel worse about yourself. You focus on what you don’t have and depreciate whatever you having. You rather think about what you do have and be appreciated for it. There are billions of individuals living on this planet and certainly still have many of them that you couldn’t imagine are envy to your life. 

You treat work as a routine task. You fear to go to work, complain about accomplishing the task and consider this is a burden. There are many reasons cause you to feel like that: company structure, tenure of service or remuneration. To change your mind towards this, first, you need to understand the reasons behind it. Basically, see your work as a method for offering some value and serving an important role in an organization. Having the chance to work provides you a way to contribute to society. 

You focus on things that you cannot control or change. You complain about things you cannot control, such as climate, government, transportation, etc. Your brain is full of everything you do n’t care about, not what you can control, which is yourself. Recognize how you can change and control your activities and considerations to gradually make the experience positive. Stop complaining and start participating in activities that will give you a more prominent sense of accomplishment and wealth.

If found yourself lack gratitude for what you have, meaning you are focus on what is wrong in the matter or the world or the shortcomings of yourself and others. On the contrary, to admit that no one is perfect, everyone will continue to learn lessons. Focus on finding the positive things you are grateful for every day.

When you understand that the explanation for why you seldom feel happy and fulfill is a direct result of a negative mindset, you realize that this is a great opportunity to change your attitude, feel better about yourself, and fill your life.