Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes

Diabetes is the disease that comes in the minds of most people whenever there is a discussion about health and blood sugar. 

Diabetes is one of the dangerous and deadly conditions that a person can ever face. The long before the patient is being diagnosed with this disease, the body of the person starts giving signs about high blood sugar level. The reason behind this is the overconsumption of processed food. There is a continuous increase in the number of people suffering from diabetes. We can solve this issue by educating everyone and by checking the signs we receive from our body.

If you think that you have diabetes, check out this article to see the symptoms of diabetes. Here is our list for signs and symptoms of diabetes:

16. Excessive urination/urinating during the night

Generally, if you drink a great amount of water before going to bed, there are chances that you’ll wake in the middle to urinate. But, excessive urination throughout the day and even during the night is the sign of diabetes.

15. Blurred vision

temporary blur vision when high blood presure

Having a blurred vision not always means that you have a sign of diabetes. But, in most of the cases, blurred vision is the sign for high blood sugar level, which causes the lens in the eyes to swell up.

14. Difficulty in concentrating

When the body lacks insulin, it is unable to remove glucose from the bloodstream into the cells, due to this, your body doesn’t function properly. This is what makes you feel tired and you cannot concentrate properly. High blood sugar level dehydrates your body because the body removes excess glucose through urination.

13. Dry mouth

Your mouth becomes dry because of the high glucose levels in your blood and saliva, which is caused by high blood sugar levels.

12. Impotence

This is an issue which only refers to men, the problem which is caused by poor long-term blood sugar control. Poor long-term blood sugar control damages the nerves and blood vessels.

11. Recurrent infections

Many recurring infections need to be monitored. Also, have a look at different diseases in the pancreas and increase in the blood sugar.

10. Slow-healing wounds

If you find that small cuts and bruises are taking too long than usual to heal, high blood sugar levels could be the reason. High blood sugar level affects the nerves and it can lead to poor blood circulation, which makes it tough for blood, need for skin repair and to reach the wounded area.

9. Stomach problems

Another symptom of diabetes is stomach problems. When your body has high blood sugar levels, emptying food from your stomach could be delayed, which leads to distention, bloating, abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting.

8. Constant fatigue or Extreme tiredness

If the thyroid level in your body is low, there are great chances that you will feel tired, sleepy, or depressed. To fight infections, your body requires energy which leads to constant fatigue and high blood sugar levels.

7. Thirst

Feeling thirsty if hight bood sugar

When your body has high blood sugar levels, your kidneys are forced to work more than usual to filter and absorb the excess sugar. For this, liquids need to flow through the body so that it can urinate.

6. Dry & itchy skin

When your body suffers from poor blood flow circulation,  it causes dryness and itchiness on your skin. The most common areas that become itchiest are the lower part of your legs.

5. Always hungry

You can be one of those people who have a big appetite, but it is fine. But those people who do not have a large appetite, it could be because you have a lack of an incretin hormone. Incretin reduces the sugar flow from the liver after eating food. If you lack the incretin hormone, the food you consume empties quicker and you will be hungry again after eating a meal.

4. Excess abdominal weight

This is one of the most common signs of high blood sugar levels. The food you have eaten was not able to get into the cells as energy and this is what leads to hungriness and excess abdominal weight.

3. Nerve problems

Another sign of diabetes is having nerve problems. if your body has high blood sugar levels, it can harm the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the nerves. This is what leads to nerve problems.

2. Skin changes

If you are facing discoloration or certain growths on your skin, then your body may have high blood sugar levels. Apart from this, you may notice dark and thick areas of skin started forming on the back of your neck and on your hands as well.

1. Tingling & numbness

If you are experiencing tingling and numbness in certain areas of your body, your blood sugar level may be high. Tingling and numbness go hand-in-hand with the nerve damage. This kind of nerve damage is called neuropathy.

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