How To Get More Energy In The Morning

Energy Up!

For most of the people, waking up in the morning is a painful action, especially you are earlier than the sunrise and the surrounding still very dark. Just a small percentage of people enjoy the pleasure to wake up. No matter pleasure or suffer, you have to get away from the bed after the alarm triggered.

However, once you wake up you may need some trick to get away the fatigue and get back the energy ensures you have enough energy for daily activities.

#1 Drink water

Energy Up!

Our body made up of 70% of water. It is suggested that we drink at least 500ml or more water after getting wake up because the body dehydrate while we are sleeping.

So drink more water in the morning to drives the oxygen throughout the body, refresh our brain, flush out body toxins. Once there is enough fluid circulation inside our body will feel energetic.

It can be replaced by a strong flavor herbal tea such as peppermint or ginger tea to trigger energy responsiveness. A glass of warm lemon water also helps in hydrates and supply more oxygen to our bodies.

#2 Drink coffee

Energy Up!

Caffeine stimulates our nervous system and provides instant energy lifts the mental alertness. Drinks a cup of coffee in the morning will prevent get back to sleep and increase working productivity.

#3 Exercise

Energy Up!

Movement can instantly eliminate tiredness and stimulate blood circulation. No matter you are doing yoga, cycling, running, jogging, hiking, gym workout or weight session.

Even the small things like making your bed is an activity will increase your body movement will let you feel more energetic in the morning.

#4 Meditation

Energy Up!

Meditation in the morning sounds weird because normally what we heard that meditation is helping good sleep. However, starting your day with the silence brings you awake faster and more alert.

Nowaday is an information-overloaded era, meditation in the morning promotes energy booster it is a way to associate our mind to positive emotions and experience. So it set our mind clear, make us razor-sharp focus, and affirm what we want to do. Its really help to increases our productivity for the whole day works.

#5 Listen to uplifting music

Energy Up!

Try to listen to music which has a faster beating tone in the morning to counterattack our sleeping mood. We should listen to the music that is opposite to our current mood and emotion, it may turn your negative thought to positive.

You may set the alarm to play your favorite uplifting music too. So that you set your mood for the first thought every day when the alarm triggered.

#6 Eat breakfast after wake up

There are thousands of advice that eat breakfast is of the utmost importance to our well being and health. Breakfast supplements the essential nutrients to our body after long hours of sleep.

Nutritionists advise that breakfast must take within 2 hours after wake up. And recommended to take foods contain proteins, vitamins, and fiber to keep the body working again after the sleep with some calories.

Therefore include veggies in the breakfast which contain high magnesium. Magnesium helps increase energy. Banana is the highly recommended fruit in the morning for energy boost.

#7 Shower with cold water

Energy Up!

One of the benefits of a cold water shower definitely gives us a shock if we used to shower with warm water. Cold water shower actually increased the blood circulation as the blood flow rapidly within the body to recover for stay warm.

Here is a  tip to promotes the blood circulation faster. Just blast cold water 30 seconds, and follow by warm water for 30 seconds, and finally cold water again for 30 seconds. The drastic changes in the temperature quickly refreshed our minds.

#8 Schedule to sleep and wake up at the same time every day

Energy Up!

And lastly, going to sleep and wake up every day on the same day is a habit to get us to fall asleep easier and wake up in the morning naturally make sure we get enough hours of sleep. Sufficient sleep is the most important factor to determine the energy level in the morning.

Have a good day!