Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Being fat, which always suffers from other people prejudice and bias. They are blamed for the situation that not going to change, not take action to change the state of overweight.

Obesity is a side-effect of insulin resistance

Obesity is a disease, which is commonly know caused by the hormone. One of the hormone involved is called Insulin. Most of the cases when a person resists to this hormone, that is Insulin, then will cause obesity. Insulin is a hormone that drives the glucose or blood sugar into the blood cells so that the body can be used for it. If a person has insulin resistance, the glucose or blood sugar unable to transfer into the blood cell, then the glucose accumulated outside the cells will have the crisis of diabetes. This is a state of pre type 2 diabetes.

When the case glucose hangs around outside the blood cells, there is more insulin to produce in order to get the job done. However, if a person tends to insulin resistance, even though insulin level goes higher level that unable to keep the blood sugar at a normal level. This is diabetes. Actually many people having the problem of a high level of insulin, maybe years or decades, before they do diagnosis. Statistic shows that almost 50% of the American have diabetes or prediabetes. Even 16-25% of normal-weight people also have insulin resistance. All these figures indicate that prediabetes and even diabetes are not getting diagnostic in the early stage.

The problem of insulin resistance is when it’s gone up, the greater the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. At the same time, when the insulin resistance level increased, it tends to make people hungry. So this is the main reason for obesity and overweight. Carbohydrate based food likely has been blamed by people to caused obesity and overweight.

Highly processed carbohydrate food

This is a fact that carbohydrates affect the glucose level and insulin level. When we eat carbohydrates, glucose and insulin are jump to a higher level. For protein we consumed, it has less effect, and for fat, it looks very least impact on the insulin level. Yes, the carbohydrate eaten caused glucose and insulin level spike up and finally also caused hungry and overeat and fat build-up. You may hungry all the time if your insulin level is always at a high level.

Highly refined flour product

Finally, all of this is because of how to eat. What kind of food recommended for those have prediabetes or diabetes, or even normal blood sugar people? Carbohydrate based foods are essential to us? The normal path of type 2 diabetes medication is going like this way: eat carbohydrate > high glucose > take medication > eat carbohydrate. Here is the explanation of this cycle: When the patient takes medication, then its recommend to take carbohydrates to balance it, otherwise the sugar level will be too low. So, for the medication path, the patient has to eat more carbohydrates to avoid the side effect of the medication. It is contradictory that all of us know that carbohydrate is not good for diabetes, insulin resistance actually consider carbohydrate intolerance.

Say No to medication treatment!

Therefore, consumption of sugar definitely not required because our body can make glucose. There is not necessary to recommend patient to take carbohydrate-based foods which intake over half of their total energy a day. The path of reverses type 2 diabetes should be like this: low carbohydrate diet > lower glucose > insulin level drop. This path can make it even without insulin injection. And the best part is lost weight in the process. Of course, if the patient eats excessive carbohydrates again, the sick will come back.

So, we don’t need carbohydrates. We only need nutrients like protein, essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids. It replaced by fat. Fat is the only nutrient that keeps the blood sugar, glucose and insulin low. As mentioned before, fat doesn’t affect glucose and insulin level. Here are some rules of eating worth to be highlight to stay away from diabetes:

1. Stay away from the grocery store. Packaged food that emphasis on low fat or fat-free should stay away because, without the fat, they put in carbohydrate and chemicals.

2. Eat natural foods. To ensure low carbohydrate foods in your mouth, only eat real foods, that are naturally sourced and not in the box and not factory processed products.

Natural foods

3. Do not eat anything that is not on your taste.

4. Only eat when you are hungry. Don’t follow your routine timing of breakfast, lunch or dinner, if not hungry no need to eat.

5. No grains, No potatoes, No sugar. All of these foods contain a high level of carbohydrate and should be avoided. There are some non-grain based ingredients such as almond, hazelnut, flax and coconut which make delicious food. And the truly whole grain is good for us.

Almond in your food is tastier than you think!

These rules of eating not only for insulin resistance patient, but also beneficial to all normal people in their diet habit. Low carbohydrate nutrition actually can reverses type 2 diabetes, decrease the risk factor for other diseases like cardiovascular, heart attack and obesity, especially treatment start at the early stage of the type 2 diabetes.

Stop by low carbohydrate way!

Our goal is to reverse the type 2 diabetes, by stop using medication in the treatment. Understanding the cause of the disease, and it can stay that way as long as we can.

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