Why Procrastination Isn’t Really The Bad Things To You?

You can’t reach your goals if you put off something very important to do. Because if you make your habit to put off your important tasks till tomorrow, you will find yourself under heavy pressure the next day. That’s why many people don’t postpone their tasks till tomorrow.

However, postponing some tasks can be very helpful in certain situations. Sometimes, you are working on a very important project, focusing on any other thing, even a minute, can slow down your performance. Then, you will be unable to meet your deadlines. In such a situation, you have to put off some of your necessary tasks till tomorrow.

In next day, you will find yourself under constant pressure due to a heavy undone workload. Will you go with perfection in this situation? If you go with perfection, it will take a lot of time to complete your tasks. Further, the situation can become worse if you don’t have enough time. What will you do?

Procrastination will help you to make some progress. Although it’s the opposite of productivity, it gives you time to sort out your thorny issues. It makes you able to finish your tasks quickly.

Do you procrastinate to complete your tasks quickly? If so, you are not all alone in this world. The fact is that everyone procrastinates from time to time. You might not consider it a good thing but every story has two sides. In this article, we will guide you on why procrastination isn’t really a bad thing for you. Let’s get started…

7 Things Show Procrastination Isn’t A Bad Thing

Before we talk about some advantages of procrastination, let’s briefly have an overview of types of procrastination.

  • Active Procrastination: It involves delaying actions and decisions. However, in this type, people get motivation from the pressure of a near deadline to get things done. Most students use this procrastination as a great motive to obtain good academic marks. Active procrastination has many other benefits as well that we will cover in this article.

  • Passive Procrastination: When people talk about procrastination, they are usually talking about passive procrastinators. In this type, people are paralyzed and can’t complete their tasks due to indecision to act. Passive procrastination is a self-destructive process in which task achievement becomes a difficult process due to self-doubt, distress, and anxiety.

If you are a passive procrastinator, you should change your habits. Let’s move ahead and talk about the different benefits of active procrastination.

1. Procrastination Helps You To Manage Delay

Different sources claim that Greek philosophers greatly valued procrastination because it helps you to manage delays. Procrastination teaches you when to act. Acting at an appropriate time to manage your delays can be the most important thing in life.

2. Procrastination is Energy Potion

Not everyone performs well under pressure. But procrastination can be an energy potion for those who work well under pressure. It can be a veritable boon of energy and determination for passive procrastinators. Nothing can be like immediacy or urgency to complete a project when a deadline is approaching or a mere one hour away.

3. Spend More Time With Family

If you perform well under pressure, you can delay your tasks. Meanwhile, you can give your all-time to your family. Plus, you can also think about problem-solving. It will help you to comfortably take the action and where to start the problem. In this way, you can further decrease your project completion time.

4. Let The Things Unfold Naturally

Sometimes, it’s wise to pass the time and wait for things to happen naturally and gently. In this way, things will reveal themselves fully. For instance, you are double-minded about whether to call to check up on your recent job application or not. Then, you decide not to call and after a few days, you receive a job proposal via email.

Well, this is a fictional case, but I hope you have got my drift. Sometimes, you lose nothing by waiting. Starting your work immediately as soon as you get it is not always a good choice.

5. You Can Grab More Information

Sometimes, procrastination helps you to collect more information related to your project. And, that information plays a key role in project completion. When you delay working on any project, meanwhile you can collect valuable data to start your project.

6. You Complete More Things In Time

Suppose you have to prepare 10 chapters for your mid-exam. At the same time, you need to do some housework. Managing both things can be very difficult for you if you are not a procrastinator. The procrastinator will complete both tasks in time because he/ she can work well under pressure. They may delay their studies and complete their housework first. Then, they will be under pressure due to the preparation of 10 chapters. This pressure will help them to prepare 10 chapters in no time.

7. Procrastination Helps You to Solve Problem In a New Way

When you have more time to solve a problem, your mind works slowly and you are thinking about plenty of unnecessary things. However, procrastination helps you to think quickly and to the point. You can notice this point during the exam. Many of you solve different unseen IQ questions during an exam within a limited time.

For instance, you have a project that is to be delivered within a week. You know how many days exactly it will take to complete. Let’s say you think it will take only 3 days for completion. If you are a procrastinator, you will start the project when 3 days will be remaining to the deadline. And, you will complete almost 20% project on the first day and almost 30% on the second day. But you will complete the rest 50% last day. It’s because procrastination speeds up your thinking and working process.

So Learn To Be Procrastinate?

Procrastination is not always a bad thing as many people think. Everyone needs it from time to time. However, making the habit of delaying things is a bad practice. If you make it a habit, you will start missing deadlines that can lead to serious circumstances. You can delay some projects only you are an active procrastinator. In simple words, be an active procrastinator and avoid being a passive procrastinator.

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