The Three Questions To Ask Yourself Everyday To Build Self-Awareness

Do you really know yourself?

When you want to get the amazing life that according to whatever your plan, the most important thing is not for everyone to see your refreshed outlook or appearance to amaze other people, but for you to have the ability to discover your true inner self and become someone who knows himself and can control his destiny (self-awareness).

I’ve found that over 60% of people not really clear about what they want or are doing. Although they complain out loud that their lives are a mess, or maybe not that bad. But people wanted so much more and finally cannot get whatever they want even though they put in their best efforts.

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These people all have the same problem, that is, the “outer me” and “inner me” are separated, both of them not having the same desires or destination. Even if they try to find an appropriate position between themselves and others, they are always unable to control it properly. It’s like holding a steering wheel, driving a car on an overcast highway, but you don’t know where the car is going, and it’s not clear whether you are heading to the destination, or a dangerous cliff waiting in front of you.

Therefore, the farther a person goes, the more he feels confused about himself: Where did I reach? How far is it from the dream place? Is it possible for me to realize this wonderful plan? Not only lose control of the “inner self”, but also feeling strange about themselves.

From this point of view, from the exercise of “self-examination”, you can see others clearly as well as yourself, and firmly control the most important question of life.

“How’s my presence now?”

“How do I adjust myself to have the charisma like a star?”

“How am I going to reach my goals and demonstrate my self-worth at the same time?”

When you can paint a clear picture of yourself, you already have an incredibly healthy presence and positive motivation.

Marketing guru Philip Kohler tells us: What is the most successful sale? The number one selling product in the world is not a car, it’s yourself. Before you can successfully market yourself to anyone else, you must market yourself 100% to yourself.

When our inner subconscious clashes with the outer presence, we fall into this state of mental illness. The energy is combined with us as one, it is not a mirror that we carry around with us and can always take out to see if there are any weaknesses in us.

The energy or the presence is hidden deep inside our body and is hard to find, so it is extremely difficult for a person to recognize himself completely, even though his eyes are on himself, they are used to observe the outside world and to feel the presence of others, but he often neglected and cannot see the presence of himself!

That is the importance of recognizing themselves. The maxim “Know Thyself” wouldn’t have been carved on the pillars of Apollo’s temple. This is an ancient European borrow this enlightenment message from the divine to remind the world of the importance of self-awareness and also the examination of the self in order to avoid the loss of self-awareness.

No matter how much credit others have given to you, you must always be brave enough to say to yourself: “I am a person who knows nothing. I am in a state of being far from my original intentions and need a positive change.” We are so used to brag to the world about our knowledge and ambition that we don’t have the time to go back inside, to examine, and study our own inner self.

I ask myself: “Who am I? What do I want to do? What should I do?”

These three questions are an important foundation for knowing yourself and understanding your presence.

1. Who am I?

Are you clear about your role?

Family Roles: Your position in your parents’ mind, your image in your children’s eyes, your position in the heart of your partner, and what your friends and family really think of you.

Social Roles: Do you regularly donate to charities? Do you participate in various charity and community events? Do you have a good relationship with your neighbors?

Job Role: Do you know what your superiors, colleagues and subordinates think of you? What do you mean to the company and what role do you play in any of the team? The most important thing, of course, is where you are in the achievement of your life: Are you on an upward or downward life track, struggling or breaking through?

2. What do I want to do?

What are my goals and aspirations? The height of life I want to achieve, the wish that I most want to achieve, no matter how big or small, ordinary or great, do I understand and stick in the right direction?

What mistakes have I made over the years? Have I been given a chance to correct them one by one, and have I had a tendency to follow the mass and behave as I should?

In order to stick to my goals and my own values, have I had any fierce and irreversible quarrels with my superiors or colleagues? In the end, I chose to compromise, patience or persistence?

3. What should I do?

What should I do and what action should I take on these matters that deeply affect my life? If I am judged by my inner ideals, is my current behavior wrong or right, and is there any trouble that I can’t solve? What is the trouble I am currently facing? Everything going well or suffered setback? And what is my way out?

Anyway, understanding and answering these three questions can help us see through the fog, like suddenly waking us up from a dream: “Hey, you’ve been sleeping too long, you should open your eyes and stop thinking about it, ok? You see, all your life’s lesson from the past have gone”.

And in addition to helping us see where is the coordinates of our lives and the current state of operation, these three questions have three extremely important implications:

# Self-correction: Break bad habits by applying the brakes and adjusting direction before your train is derailing.

# Emphasis on Purpose: Correcting mistakes that have occurred, strengthening the “inner me”, stimulating the subconscious mind and positive psychological suggestion, and restarting the energy that is good for life, rather than continuing to lose it.

# Self-monitoring: Awareness of the problems that exist, remind yourself from time to time, control of the direction of progress, correcting the energy for the first time so as not to get lost.

Kane, the founder of an electrical marketing company, comes to work every morning at 9 am to have a “conversation with inner self” exercise with his employees.

Each person spent five minutes facing his heart naked, an examination of the past and an inspiration for today, and create a vision for the future.

Kane tells his employees that when you wake up in the morning if you see a blurred face in the mirror, a kind of colorless, gloomy and no spirit, it is a prediction that you will get nothing today and unproductive. Because even the happy things will become meaningless to you, and if you have another disappointing encounter, it will hit you harder, and you will sink even lower, losing all the good opportunities!

People’s incapacity for self-reflection is like a black cloth over his eyes, so what if they have ambitious? You still can’t achieve your goals in life and work, and even if you learn to be rich, there is no energy for it!

We need to get rid of all the hypocritical factors in our minds and find our innocent selves. Have you asked yourself aloud:

“Who am I? What is the future when I came into this world? Does what I am doing meets my inner expectations?”

Nothing in this world is more important than “positioning of self-presence”. If you don’t know what kind of person you are and what kind of dreams you are to survive in this world, everything you do will become meaningless!

So each day you have to ask yourself various questions related to your presence and write down the answers to each day’s questions in a booklet, or recorded your answers through mobile devices to enhance the impact.

Every night before you go to bed, pick it up and look at it again, asking yourself to paint a mental picture of yourself, no matter how ugly that “I” maybe.

If you are having the same problem with your life, what are you waiting for? In just half an hour a day, you can unlock the door to correcting the “inner me” and rebuilding a positive atmosphere, if you start now!

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  1. First off I would like to say great blog!
    I had a quick question which I’d like
    to ask if you do not mind. I was interested to find
    out how you center yourself and clear your head
    prior to writing. I have had difficulty clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out there.

    I truly do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like
    the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally wasted just trying to
    figure out how to begin. Any ideas or hints?
    Thank you!

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