How To Make Impossible Possible By Transform Your Limiting Beliefs?

To limit our beliefs is to limit our beliefs to some extent. Once you believe them, we will not think, do or say what they stopped. Doing so will plunge our lives into poverty.

We may have beliefs about rights, obligations, capabilities, permissions, etc. Belief limits are usually related to ourselves and our self-identity. Beliefs may also be related to other people and the whole world.

Why do we limit our beliefs?

The main way we form beliefs is through our direct experience. We acted, something happened, and we concluded. These beliefs are usually helpful, but they can also be very limited.

Especially when we are young and inexperienced, we may draw wrong and limited conclusions. Nature adopts us in this way and keeps us away from harm. We are likely to learn and build beliefs faster from bad experiences. Putting your fingers on the stove can cause many injuries, so we believe that all stoves are very dangerous. Do not touch the stove again.

In establishing our view of the world, we cannot rely on experience to do anything. Then, we read and listened to parents and teachers about how the world works and how to behave in it.

But our teachers are not always very knowledgeable. We also learn from what our peers tell us and are “infected” by their beliefs, which may be very limited.

Education is a double-edged sword because it tells you that you want right and wrong, good and bad. It can help you survive and grow, but you may never try and miss the interesting and useful experience and knowledge just because you are told something.

In the decision-making, we estimated the “return on investment”, and it is easy to conclude that the investment of time, energy and money is insufficient, the probability of success is small, and the probability of failure is high. The return may be negative because we have been hurt to some extent.

People make many decision-making mistakes, such as calculation errors based on odds. We take a small amount of data and summarize it into everything. Our final decisions are based more on subconscious hopes and fears than reality.

Faith restrictions are usually caused by fear. If we disagree with beliefs, then the fear of keeping the beliefs in place is that our deepest needs will be compromised.

Our decisions usually contain a strong social element, and the idea of being criticized, ridiculed or rejected by others is powerful enough to frustrate us. We worry that others will hurt us in some way, so we avoid them or try to please them.

One reason we use wrong reasoning and form restrictive beliefs is to free ourselves from situations that we consider to be failures. When we do something, and it doesn’t work, we usually explain our failure by forming and using beliefs that justify our actions and make ourselves innocent. But when we do this, we are not learning but may become more and more troubled, limiting our future thinking and work.

If you could change anything in your life now, what would it be? Why haven’t you done it yet? If you are like most people, the answer lies in your existing beliefs.

We always forget the powerful role our beliefs play in creating what we want. We can imagine, surely, set goals and work hard until the cow returns home. However, if we think it is impossible, then we will resist its formation in our lives.

There are many ways to limit one’s beliefs, which has become one reason for poor achievement. The good news is that once you understand how your beliefs can make you shrink, you can completely control the changes in those restrictive beliefs-your lives will change in wonderful and amazing ways!

Let’s take a look at what most of us do when we decide to buy something. First, we express our wishes or set goals. I want to lose weight. I want to make more money. I want to buy a new car. Next, we immediately began to list the reasons for the unachievable. I don’t have time to exercise. My company will not offer a salary increase this year. I can’t buy a new car.

What if, by changing those limiting beliefs, we could make the impossible possible?

It is important to understand that our beliefs are correct. We convince ourselves that these facts are “truths.” However, please consider all other “facts” that end up being untrue.

Consider some of the facts you have established for your private life. Are they real? Sometimes they don’t do this. This is another common restrictive belief in which we make self-judgment and think that I am not worthy of it.

I don’t deserve to be in love.

Money is evil.

Everything is not going well for me.

The most unfortunate people I know.

I can’t do this.

I didn’t have everything needed to succeed.

If you change these “facts” in your own mind, what might happen?

If you let go of these facts about getting rid of depression, you will become more active again, begin to believe in yourself, and be ready to do anything without restricting yourself.

When you make a negative evaluation of yourself, it has a huge impact on your mentality and tends to be negative. When you start to change these negative thoughts, it can help you achieve your goals and provide energy to face any situation.

But how? How do we change these truths in our minds? This is the fun part. We have to persuade ourselves that what we want is POSSIBLE.

I recently played a small game with myself called “Why is this happening”. I invite you to enjoy your private life because it gives people incredible power. You will let go of those limited beliefs and begin to attract what you want.

It works as follows:

We say a wish: I want to lose weight. A limited belief emerged: dieting is of no use to me, and I don’t have time to exercise. Then, we began to deliberately put forward the idea of ​​”why this is possible”: You don’t have to go on a diet to lose weight; I can only adjust my diet. By parking the car further away or climbing stairs instead of elevators, I can incorporate more activities into my daily activities. Many thin and healthy people in this world do not like diet or exercise! If they can do it, I can do it too.

Let’s try another wish: I want more money. Limitations and beliefs: My company will not provide a salary increase this year. I don’t have extra energy for a second job. I have a lot of bills. Why it is possible: Money can come to me in many ways without relying on my work. Money can be given to me through lottery, inheritance and unexpected bonuses, and even I can start an interesting part-time business!

This is the key: your idea of ​​”why works” must be credible. If you do not believe in their authenticity, then your restrictive beliefs will not change. It is very important to understand this! Because of certain beliefs, it may take some time to come up with real and reasonable possibilities that you can truly believe.

Notice your resistance: To get rid of your restrictive beliefs, you must first understand them. Find an area where you are dissatisfied but have nothing to do to actively change it. You may see limited beliefs.

Write down all your thoughts on the subject or field without any judgment. When you read it again, you will be attracted by the conviction that binds you and binds you.

Scrutinize: After determining the belief you want to get rid of, consider its source. What external experience or resources might affect you? It’s just that thinking in this way will create a distance between you and your faith, which can really help you be different. You can thank your subconscious mind for protecting you, but first, you have to say: “No, I don’t need it.”

A diary that records why the belief is incorrect is also very effective, listing all the contradictory evidence that can be found.

Develop positive beliefs: You will find that you are indeed your master, and it is your responsibility to build new beliefs to serve you, not to make you shrink. What positive beliefs emerged during this process? How do you fix it in place?

We need to find ways to remind ourselves of our positive beliefs. Write them on the list, post them on the wall, and remind yourself to think about short visualizations every morning. Whichever method is best for you, but remember that consistency is the key here.

Here’s another important key: Reinforcement WILL be necessary. For smaller beliefs, you may be able to change them quickly and almost effortlessly. But for big beliefs, you may need to constantly play the “why is it possible” game.

As you continue to strengthen your new beliefs and you begin to believe that they are possible, more and more doors will begin to open for you.

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