Understanding The Power Of Subconscious Mind

There is nothing more important than knowing and tuning our inner self, otherwise you will not get to the point no matter how much training you have taken. Inner spiritual tuning is just as important as outer appearance, and this is the most honest advice you can get.

The subconscious is the source of your energy

Deep inside, the subconscious mind is not only a collection of your genetic information but also contains the most important instincts and the law of universal. The information you have acquired in the past for survival and experiences are hidden in your subconscious mind, and as long as you know how to exploit and utilize this inborn ability, there is almost can be fulfilled any wishes, and implement any of your plans.

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Psychologist Freud, in his psychoanalytic theories, had already proposed the concept of the subconscious mind. This is an incredibly powerful and mysterious force that lies deep beneath our general consciousness. It is also one of the source of our energy field, which we call it “always existing but neglected potential energy”, like an energy stone that controls the whole body, and its power is hidden in our deep consciousness, influencing our words and actions all the time.

Of course, the prerequisite of your mind for achieving all the ambitious goals is: “You can do it”, not “You want to do it”.

Each person possesses a world of consciousness that is hidden within us in the form of beyond the third dimension space in our brain. As long as it is stimulated by the appropriate force, the human subconscious mind will interact with the surrounding environment, ideas and plans, and resonate with the other people energy field, the miracle will appear immediately.

Miracles have never been a coincidence, and the theory that the right release of subconscious mind power can stimulate a powerful energy field has long been supported by scientific theory.

According to Dr. Constantine of the University of Vienna, there are about 150 billion nerve cells in the human brain, and the brain nerve cells respond to external stimuli by growing buds, which then grow into branches, which are neurons. The neurons then combine with other brain cells and communicate with each other to form the brain’s communication network.

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Opening up a vast and sophisticated information network inside our brains is how we perform the function of thinking.

Unfortunately, more than 95% of neurons will remain unused throughout their lives, as if they have been asleep. If these dormant neurons can be awakened, everyone can become a superhuman. Now you can complete those tasks that are usually difficult to accomplish.

If we use the analogy of an iceberg, the part that is on the surface of the water is the area of the conscious mind, it is our visible field of energy, it is about 5% of our total consciousness. Now you know, we have 95% percent of our uninspired power hidden underneath the iceberg, what a precious power this is!

You can control your own destiny as long as you don’t think about the negativity. Instead, choose positive, constructive thoughts, and use some methods to go deep within yourself to open up the untapped source of energy and allow the subconscious mind to add powerful energy to you.

Examples of subconscious formation

Many people are facing some kind of pressure from the outside world, and they usually form subconscious threats that are closely related to the pressure. For example, when you feel that you might be afraid of the dark, you will become allergic to the night. Slowly, you will be afraid of being alone at night, but the truth may be: you just watched a scary vampire movie, and those horrible pictures stimulated you, and you were strongly shocked for a while.

This kind of internal impulse imposed by the outside world penetrates into your subconscious mind and may form your fixed habit. In the future, you will be habitually afraid of the dark, don’t want to stay at home alone, dare not stay alone in the living room, always imagine the scenes in the movie will appear at home.

Another example. When a person has a bad day at work, such as not being able to convince a client, or having a scolding from his boss, he returns to his workplace in a depressed mood, if the first thing that arises in his subconscious mind is the anxiety of “I’m incompetent”, and it becomes a psychological suggestion, then it is likely to become incompetent from then on. He won’t ask the client for a second negotiation, he won’t dare ask the same question to his boss again, losing the chance to turn the situation around and becoming mediocre.

The great power of psychological suggestion

Many years ago, Dan visited a famous fortuneteller in South America, a hidden “god” among the tribe, who had the legendary power of foretelling the future and having extremely high accuracy of her prophecy.

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Dan finds her in a quiet house in the middle of the mountains and asks her to help him with his future.

The fortuneteller took a look at him and then told him calmly, “Sir, you are going to lose a big amount of money, just a month later, and you need to prepare yourself to accept that as an irrevocable fact.”

Dan was shock at that moment. He didn’t believe this prediction because he didn’t like investing. For decades, he had protected his property extremely carefully, for fear of being cheated by those nasty sales agent with various financial products, so he even does not buy the least risk Funds. Next month? This prophecy was too early to come! I advised him to ignore the prediction because it was like a curse-like psychological suggestion.

But Dan chose to call everyone in the family to tell them this unfortunate prediction, warning his family to keep their money, not to buy stocks, funds, and not to listen to the temptation of any investment consultant. Don’t even buy insurance!

His wife was puzzled, but still followed his advice.

After returning to the United States, he found a lawyer to consult on investment legal issues and began to pay attention to the stock market and financial news for the first time. He studied Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch, and wanted to see how investment experts had lost a huge sum of money on an investment, and then learn from it, hoping to achieve a perfect defense.

In fact, he completely believed in the fortuneteller.

It’s sad that Dan was defeated by the psychological suggestion. As I expected, and exactly what the fortuneteller had hoped, Dan lost $600,000 the following month.

He had indeed been trapped. This man who has never ventured into the financial market has not made any investment in decades. But because of a word of the fortuneteller, under psychological pressure, although he has repeatedly told his wife not to pay attention to the investment news, he himself however, his defense line collapsed, and finally, he actually took out a sum of money and bought two stocks.

He strongly wanted to test whether the fortuneteller was a liar, and he also wanted to prove that he would not lose a penny even if he really invested. Unfortunately, he bought two junk stocks. This is typically the outcome of an amateur investor.

He can only consider himself bad luck. Then “verified” the legendary ability of the fortuneteller.

Many people have heard similar stories. Whatever you are afraid of will happen to you. This is a mysterious power, isn’t it?

We always can’t get rid of the great power of psychological suggestion. Sometimes it is very positive and allows us to do anything, such as completing a 100-kilometer marathon race. Sometimes it is destructive and pushes us to the negative side. For example, if he feels that he will be unlucky, then he going to really fall down in near future.

However, for these mysterious forces themselves, they are neither evil nor uncontrollable. It is just that Dan himself allowed a powerful negative psychological suggestion to enter his subconscious. It was he himself who defeated himself. At the moment when the subconscious was unlocked, he believed in the power of the fortuneteller and accepted it inadvertently, and finally bring his life to an unfortunate result.

How does a person make the subconscious mind work and turn his positive and optimistic into a negative?

One of the greatest characteristics of the subconscious mind is its “blind belief”. Whether what you believe is right or wrong, whether the signal you receive is aggressive or destructive, the subconscious mind will immediately accept it and follow it.

When Dan went to see the fortuneteller, he was already in a state of being extremely vulnerable to the suggestion. And he went there with the intention of seeking a sign, so when the fortuneteller gave him a negative sign, he immediately accepted it.

Subsequently, he was terrified and kept thinking of the coming monetary loss.

He goes to extreme measures to prove for himself that this is just a joke, and buying a few stocks to show her and defeat what fortuneteller told.

To defeat the psychological suggestion, he failed.

The fortuneteller was taking advantage of people’s devotion and the opening of subconscious windows to successfully instill her mind with suggestions.

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The suggestion itself had no power, and if Dan knew the laws of his brain, he would be able to resist the negative suggestion, and then, for one thing, the fortuneteller’s words would be nothing more than a child’s trick to him.

Since he didn’t have knowledge of the subconscious, he allowed the suggestion from the outside world to defeat him.

Individual expectations or suggestions can often unconsciously change your behavior and reactions to help you achieve the desired outcome, no matter it is a positive or negative effect.

Training control over the subconscious mind

The subconscious mind has direct and powerful executive power, it makes no distinction between right and wrong, it is followed to its master’s desires, it absorbs both positive and negative, good and bad, it often skips over consciousness and directly dictates human behavior, or it forms your various mindsets before you are even aware of them in the first place. If you can’t control it and put a steering wheel to it, it will definitely not bring you a positive state of mind, it will also steer you towards negativity and even destruction.

You have to train yourself to talk to your inner self, to effectively distinguish between the helpful subconscious and the mischievous troublemakers. Motivate the positive subconscious mind that contributes to the success, and keep tight control on the negative subconscious mind that can lead to failure so that they don’t jump out and mess with you at any time.

This process allows you to discover the positive factors in your subconscious mind, and keep feeding them new information that is conducive to their growth and development, so that these positive states of mind can take hold and become the quality subconscious mind, or even the intuitive habits that govern your behavior. For example, when you tell yourself “I can do it” every morning, you will be motivated to get out of your downtime faster than anyone else, and you will be able to influence others and being outstanding in your area of professionalism.

When we encounter potential negative thoughts, it’s important that we control them, don’t allow them to contaminate and dominate your thought. We need to prevent the negativity become the main building blocks of your thinking and thought patterns. If we’ve unintentionally absorbed the negative subconscious mind of failure, like what Dan got from a fortuneteller, they try to enter your mind and wait for your sign of approval. So, please do not care about it, and actively forget it and let it sink to the bottom of the subconscious mind forever.

Even if you are currently trapped in fears about life, worries about work and unreasonable thoughts, making you lose faith in reality, but it is not difficult to change. Our subconscious mind can do anything! Issue a command to it right now and let it accept the idea of freedom, happiness and health and you’ll soon have a free, happy and healthy life.

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